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Remaining until the start of the Lifestyle programme:
This programme is designed specially for the wellness of employees via gradually implementing healthy lifestyle principles in their daily routine. It takes employee's occupation into consideration and offers simple and useful solutions that will lead to a positive shift in health, well-being, and physical and mental activity.
Everyday assignments
Every week, participants receive assignments regarding the three main blocks of the programme in the format of a video: diet, activity, and anti-stress.
Work on yourself
Over the course of a week, the participant works on his assignments and keeps to a regime, which is recorded in a special Lifestyle appendix. The weekly assignments are organized so as to move from simple to complex. That is why they can be carried out by people with different levels of training.
Tangible result
Based on the results of the programme, you will change your eating habits, improve your physical condition, and take control over any stress in your life.
To make it easier for you to decide whether the programme suits you, we have made a special online form. Fill it in and receive personal feedback on your health and recommendations on how to improve it!

It will take you not more than 5 minutes.
Eat healthy
If you want to eat healthy, but office life gets in the way.
Do sport
If you realize that sport is useful, but can't make yourself do it regularly.
Sleep well
If you fail to get enough sleep and constantly feel tired.
Avoid getting annoyed
If you often feel worried, anxious, and annoyed.
Find new friends
If you no longer have fun with your old acquaintances, but don't know where to look for new ones.
Learn how to do it the right way
If you are tired of the myths and want to learn about healthy lifestyles from real experts.

Our programme is designed by real diet and fitness professionals

Darya Starokozheva
Health Coach
Certified personal coach in bodybuilding, fitness, and functional training (FPA — FITNESS PROFESSIONAL ASSOSIATION).A member of The European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS), she is also a specialist in sports nutritionology, dietary ergogenics and nutraceutics, as well as in dietary care and designing dietary plans and training regimes.
Maksim Klimov
Leader of the programme
Fitness professional with 9 years of experience. Participant and finalist in bodybuilding competitions in the Men's Physique category. Works actively in international training, supporting Russian and foreign athletes in diet and training to achieve their desired physical condition.
We have divided the whole programme into small weekly assignments, which gradually grow more complicated and help you achieve results.

Starting on the right foot

  1. Clean our diet of junk.
  2. Set a normal sleep schedule.
  3. Keep to a normal water intake schedule.
  4. Start to go on regular walks.
Week 1
Learn from scratch
  1. Start organizing your diet: choose products in the shop and learn to read the labels.
  2. Recommendations on how to choose dishes at restaurants or the office cafeteria.
  3. Add morning workouts to keep your spirits up.
  4. Rest your eyes. Train your eyes in front of your computer screen.
Week 2
Let's go point-by-point
  1. Learn about the importance of products: the value of protein in your diet.
  2. Practice nanotraining in the office and at home.
  3. Learn about choosing the right clothes for sport.
  4. What can stress be like? Learn to recognize the face of your enemy.
Неделя 3
Movement is life!
  1. Learn about the importance of products: carbohydrates as a main energy source.
  2. The importance of cardio — add it to your weekly routine.
  3. Learn to cope with stress quickly and easily. Simple working techniques. Quick methods for calming down before presentations.
Week 4
Build your body and your spirits
  1. Learn about the importance of products: fats — why you cannot eliminate them from your diet, and why fat-free products can be dangerous.
  2. Weight training: for whom, what for, and how much. Add into your weekly routine.
  3. Learn to cope with stress.
Week 5
The halfway point of the programme – relaxation for your mind and body
1. Vitamins and minerals. Where to get them, and why is a varied diet so important?
2. A week of relaxation and rest: sauna, Russian sauna, and swimming as physical exercises. What for? When and what for?
3. Massages as the best way to relieve stress and fatigue.

Week 6
Health and maths
  1. Learn to count calories.
  2. Why don't I lose weight when I eat so little — secrets of hidden calories, where to find them, and how to recognize them.
  3. How to exercise when you are ill, and should you at all?
  4. Stressful thoughts: how to cope with them
Week 7
Variety always and in everything
  1. Learn to organize your diet. What should the breakfast of champions look like?
  2. How to vary your exercises? Looking for alternatives: yoga, pilates, dancing, etc.
  3. Take stress-preventative measures – thinking positively
Week 8
Polishing up your mind and body
  1. Learn to organize your diet: rules of a good lunch.
  2. How to cook it? To stew or not to stew? Fry, bake, or boil? What's preferable?
  3. Working on your posture. Why is it important to look after it and how to correct it?
  4. The top 5 anti-stress products, or what to eat after a business meeting to love your boss as yourself
Week 9
Breathe in positive energy
  1. A dinner you won't give your enemy. How many hours before sleep, and what is healthy to eat before going to bed?
  2. Text neck — what does it mean? Learn a routine to relax your neck.
  3. Breathing practices to manage stress: breathe and relax.
Week 10
Choose the best
  1. Learn to have the right snack.
  2. What should you eat at the company party or your colleague's birthday party?
  3. Stretch! Why it is important to stretch and how to do it properly.
  4. Organizing an anti-stress environment at work and at home. Renovating physical space.
Week 11
Ready for renovation
  1. How do you correctly combine diet and exercise to make them work for you? What to eat before and after exercise?
  2. How strong have your muscles grown? What about your colleagues' muscles? Mini-challenge for participants, final round — competition.
  3. Anti-stress bath: wash away the stress and fatigue in one blow.
Week 12
We are here to help you become a better version of yourself.

You will learn to use the most important tools to rehabilitate your organism, tools which will stay with you for all your life!
You will lose weight
You will lose centimeters and kilograms from your waist — the quantity depends on your original size.
You will learn how to eat healthy
You will understand, once and forever, what a healthy diet is and how to keep to it.
You will revitalize your organism
If you fail to get enough sleep and constantly feel tired.
You will learn to choose
You will become an expert in choosing dishes at restaurants and choosing products in the shop.
You will grow stronger
You will feel more energetic and will be able to cope with stress better.
You will become better
You will improve your physical capacities: your strength, stamina, and flexibility.
I'm not sure if it will last long, but for the last several days I have observed quite positive (and incredible) changes! Due to daily exercise, the special diet, and tracking how much water I consume, other structures of my life have also started to gain shape, including at work! It all works out by itself somehow. I have almost stopped running late (which has been my age-old problem). I'm finding it easier to plan my day! It's amazing how strictly observing rules in one sphere leads to you building your whole lifestyle system! :)
Evgenia Ponomaryova
Link to Facebook profile
First month gone! My personal health programme started even before March 1. For the first time in my life, when I take the decision to start doing something, I no longer put it off until Monday or until the first day of the month. Now I just start doing it. And I am proud of myself! The easiest assignments for me were the ones connected with sleep, formal activity, and self-motivation. Now I have the feeling that I have been living my whole life at such a pace. It's a bit more complicated to find additional activity, as we are bound by our routines, which are quite hard to step out of. And then again, stresses: to cope with them, it obviously takes more than a month. But there is progress, I can feel it: I have started to react calmly to most things and have learnt to feel the starting point of stress, which is already a lot:) On the whole, I believe that the remaining 2 months will help me to finally form my habits and find new ways to get rid of depression. I am putting an emphasis on overcoming stresses and increasing activity, mainly the non-formal type, but I hope summer and good weather will help me with this))
Anastasia Scherbakova
Link to Facebook profile
Hello!) On the whole everything is great !!!)) To sum up the results of the first month, I want to say that I have quickly grown used to the balanced diet, regular exercise, and have started walking more frequently, but I have big problems with the water intake, as I can't possibly drink more than 1.5 liters)) Due to the regime (as it seems to me) I have started to feel better about waking up in the morning, and I cheer up soon))) earlier, after lunch I always had the desire to sleep, and now I don't feel this way anymore — I feel dynamic. And now the key benefit: in the middle of February, I weighed 95 kg , and now I weigh ... 90 kg, which is a very good result for me!!! I want to go on at the same pace and lose at least a dozen kilos more.
Yury Podrezov
Link to Facebook profile
Good afternoon! Summing up the results of the first month, I have come to a definite conclusion: that it was worth trying and very useful!!! And I am sincerely glad!!! The diet has fit into my lifestyle best of all, water consumption has also taken a definite place in my daily routine, but not ideally so far, as on weekdays I am afraid of drinking the necessary amount))). Stress – I am generally a very positive thinking person. However, the daily grind can be quite hard. Before the start of the programme, I used to bottle my temper all day long, and at times I took the negative emotions out on my nearest and dearest. I realized that, but could do nothing about it. Now, after one month, I haven't once let the steam out at home in front of my family, and this is the main result!!! It will go on this way!! On the whole, the healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and water consumption make my day more wholesome and positive!!! I've started to do my morning exercises with my kids. Also, thanks to all of you, I have learnt a lot of healthy and delicious recipes!!! Thanks to all of you!!!
Olga Mayorova
Link to Facebook profile
Summary: I like the extra assignments most of all for their competitive effect — they are the most effective. That's why I was very sad when I missed an extra assignment in the feed last week(( and, in the end, I didn't do it. Everything is alright with sport — two workouts in the gym, and I have gained the habit of walking up and down the stairs and of controlling stress at its starting point) I'm now including exercise and I have more spirit and strength for the weekend! I'm looking forward to warm days to add on activity, and tomorrow first thing I'm starting to use a step counter. So I can easily give a positive grade for March! Hold on, April!
Larisa Otieva
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So, the results of the first month: minus 2 kg, walk more, don't use lifts, try to keep to a diet (at weekends I have some unhealthy food though). I do exercises in the mornings now, work out 3 times a week (however, not very hard — I try to do everything according to my abilities), drink water and tea without sugar, sleep 7 hours a day. My body has changed a bit for the better, I hope everything will work out.
Leeloo Dallas
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According to the results of the first month of the programme, I can say the following: the changes are obvious and tangible in my opinion. First of all, I have added activity to my lifestyle (walking up and down the stairs (mind you, I live on the 7th floor!), I'm no longer too lazy to walk farther and longer, and I do morning exercises (even if not every day)). As for the stress, I still feel nervous while driving (it's still hard to get rid of), but I have learnt to calm down faster and to "catch the starting point" and not let it grow. With respect to my habits, I haven't yet quit my habit of checking social networks before sleep :( Diary update — I have grown less active and everything repeats without any dramatic change. The last assignment (taking a break in front of my computer at work) is not quite applicable to me, because I am not an office worker, and I don't work for long hours in front of a PC. On the whole it's kind of ... you know
Nikolay Ustinov
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